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Retail Shop at PA Water Venture East Coast..... SUP Lessons, Rentals, SUP Yoga in Mana Mana Beach Club.....

Get ready for the NE monsoon and 2015 season!

We have the following in stock while stocks last.

2015 North S Type SL Slalom
2015 North E Type
2015 Loft Switchblade
2015 North Mast
2015 Loft Mast
2015 New Loft Carbon Boom

2015 North Rebel
2015 North Dice
2015 5th Element Bar
2015 Quad Control Bar
2015 Slingshot Rally

2015 North Jamie
2015 North Select
2015 North Gonzales
2015 North Spike

2015 Naish Inflatable Glide
2015 Naish Inflatable Alana
2015 Naish One Inflatable
2015 Naish Makani Paddle
2015 Naish Race LE Paddle
2015 Naish Keiki Paddle

                    Retail Shop : 1390 East Coast Parkway, PA Water Venture, Singapore 468961                                                 call: +65 6449 1955 
 write: rachel@welovewindsurfing.com

                    SUP Class, SUP YOGA, SUP Rentals: Mana Mana Beach Club
                                                                                     1212 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449886
                                                                                         (By Appointment Only)