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The Windsurfing Shop is proud to welcome our new partner 'Trinity Ark' SUP Lessons, Rentals, SUP Yoga now based in Mana Mana


Our SUP Partner

Our SUP Class, SUP Yoga  and SUP rental will now be based in Mana Mana Beach Club.
Our ASI instructors will make sure you get your basics right and fully enjoy your time with us.

                    Retail Shop : 1390 East Coast Parkway, PA Water Venture, Singapore 468961                                                 call: +65 6449 1955 
 write: rachel@welovewindsurfing.com

                    SUP Class, SUP YOGA, SUP Rentals: Mana Mana Beach Club
                                                                                     1212 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449886
                                                                                         (By Appointment Only)